Planet Hyundai: Las Vegas new Hyundai vehicles, and used vehicles of all makes.

Rated #1 Las Vegas Hyundai Dealership for Customer Satisfaction by Hyundai America

Planet Hyundai Sahara is the #1 Dealership of Hyundai cars in Las Vegas. We don't say that lightly – this is based on an award from Hyundai America naming us #1 for customer satisfaction in Las Vegas. We earned that award by putting the customer first, because we know that if you're happy with your car and experience with us, you'll come back for more (and tell your friends). Our most valuable resource isn't our cars, it's you – our customers, so we put you first.

We're located in Las Vegas, but since we're centrally located we serve North Las Vegas, Henderson and the surrounding area. Just hop on the I-95 or I-15 and stop by.

Customers are the priority.

We're here to serve you. Some of our sales representatives single-handedly sell the same amount of vehicles as entire dealerships elsewhere. How do we do this? By devoting our energy toward the customer, and getting you into the exact vehicle that's right for your needs. Obviously we need to sell cars, but our goals is to keep you coming back because we sold you the right car at the right price.

We know cars.

It's our job to know cars. When you're looking for a vehicle, sometimes you have the exact specifications nailed down. More likely though, you have a rough idea of what you're looking for, and a more exact idea of what you're going to DO with the car. You know your needs, and we know cars. We'll work with you to determine the exact car that's right for you based on factors such as:

  1. People. Just you and maybe a passenger? Or the whole soccer team?
  2. Driving conditions. Maybe you’re tackling off-road trails every weekend. Maybe you need a comfortable commuter for the freeway. Maybe both.
  3. Fuel economy. While this is important to everyone, sometimes getting high MPG is priority one. Other times, power, speed, or cargo hauling ability take precedence.
  4. Budget. Hyundai cars are a great mix of high quality and affordable price.
  5. Finances. We'll help you determine the way to pay for your wheels that works best with your particular financial situation.

We know people.

We deal with more people than any other Hyundai dealership. Obviously you have a unique financial situation.
We're not going to push you into a brand new car way outside your budget when what you really need is a quality pre-owned vehicle with a lot of life left in it.
But if what you need at this point in your life is the reliability of a brand new car, we’ll work with you to find the best financial options. We help you find a loan that can make the difference between your dream car staying a dream and becoming reality. Call (702) 614-2120 or stop by today!

We do it all.

New Hyundais

Used Vehicles:

We Deal All Makes:
We're not just the #1 Hyundai Dealership; we sell $3 million worth of inventory per month in used cars across all makes. All used cars that come to us get tuned up and looked over before we resell them, so you can be sure you're getting quality.

Hyundai Service:

  • Certified Hyundai Auto service department
  • Full selection of Hyundai auto parts and after-market accessories
  • Specialties such as Hyundai Brakes, Hyundai Transmissions, or Hyundai oil changes in Las Vegas Nevada